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Ring Size Guide

Tips to measure your ring size,

•Do not measure your fingers when they are cold. Then your fingers are smaller.

•It is also not convenient to measure your finger on a very hot summer day

•If your knuckles are very large, it is best to choose a larger size..

•Measure your fingers at the end of the day.

•Please note the ring size of each hand can be different.

•If the ring has a stone, it is important to measure the size as exact as possible otherwise the ring will turn.

Do you want to know what your ring size is? There are different ways to easily and quickly determine the correct ring size.

The first method is to measure your own ring,

The second method is to measure your finger and the last most simplest method is to measure a ring size with a ring meter.

Measure your own ring to determine your ring size.

Take a well-fitting ring and measure the diameter of the inside of your ring. This is your ring size.
For example: Size 18 corresponds with a diameter of 18 mm.

Second Method, take a piece of paper wrap it around the finger. Mark the where the paper meets and measure it on the scale. Use the Circumference column to see the closet measured value and select the ring size accordingly.

Important note: Make sure to measure the kunckle of the finger is measured for the ring to slide through. 

Ring Size Chart

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