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About Us


"Where our passion meets your Needs"

Go Grandeur is your one stop destination for Demi-fine and sustainable pure Silver jewellery with slight touch of feminine delight. Our collections present a luxurious and spectacular jewellery with high quality and comfort .

They are distinctive, fashionable and flattering to the body, where each & every piece-tells you a story.



m"Ag"nificence definesGo Grandeur


  • We launched our brand to cater our customers with world finest quality sustainable and distinctive Jewellery, that could withstand the test of time, so that it could be cherished for years to come, celebrating fashion, comfort and Diversity…

  • Oh yes!! Emphasis to provide our Customers the POWER  through jewellery which will enable them to flaunt their  best unapologetic self…because we believe there are no rules when it’s accessorising… 

  • Be it from all your essential must haves to high fashion Jewellery, every piece tells you a story & speaks about how you feel without even you uttering a word… 

  • To establish a brand which has the finest blend of the newest trends and a fresh fashion jewellery which our customers would take part in creating the  contemporary trends.

  • A platform which enables our customers to talk and discuss fashion and jewellery so that customers can get their styling GAME  ON POINT with the help of Professionals…

Pure Silver

What is 925 Silver?

The 925 Sterling Silver is a renowned alloy that is made out of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

There are several advantages of using sterling silver over fine silver that may persuade you to do so. Fine silver has a greater purity level of silver, making it more costly than less refined sterling silver. Sterling silver, on the other hand, looks just as fantastic as fine silver, which ensures you can buy at a more cost-effective price point. It’ll also make your item last and look as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Sterling silver is simpler to mold than fine silver, which is soft and ductile, so you’ll have more choices made of sterling silver compared to silver. Fine silver is fairly fragile and ductile, and it is easily scratched & broken, making it unsuitable for jewelry.

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