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Know More about GG Jewelry and its Quality!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Go Grandeur gives one of the best quality jewelry and this blog is it provide some information on the quality of stones used in all the jewelry including the premium range of jewelry.

Every piece of Jewelry in Go Grandeur are designed in house. They are hand made with love from our highly skilled and expert Artisans.

What is Cubic Zirconia? How is it made? And what is its benefits?

All the Jewelry except the premium range has 5A quality of cubic zirconia also known as CZ. Cubic zirconia is classified as a diamond simulant - a stone that looks similar to natural diamonds, but is made of different material. cubic zirconia is made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). 5A Cubic Zirconia is one of the best quality as it hard, clear and beautiful cut. CZ is often referred to as stones that shines like Diamonds. The Diamond industry was disrupted when CZ came into the industry as CZ was affordable compared to Diamonds but gave a similar looks. CZ is called as “THE STONE OF PRACTICALITY” and is also believed to be improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego in a person.


What is Swarovski Zirconia Stone? How is it made?

Swarovski Zirconia stones or crystals is a brand name for a range of precision-cut crystal glass which is made only by its producers in Austria. When compared to other stones jewelry, Swarovski jewelry is made of extremely high-quality crystal. The high-quality crystals come from the very uniform structure which offers the Swarovski crystals amazing clarity. Due to its quality of cut and diamond like reflection it is bit more expensive and are premium range.


What kind of plating does Go Grandeur Jewelry have?

All the Gold plated jewelry are coated with high quality 22K Pure Gold to give the jewelry a beautiful pure Gold Jewelry look. The Rose Gold plating is of high quality and with specific composition of the chemicals that gives a special coating compared to any other Rose Gold Plating in the market. Pure Silver Jewelry when exposed to oxygen tarnishes quickly. Jewelry that are neither Gold or Rose Gold plated are always Rhodium coated to give a long lasting shine.

All Go Grandeur Jewelry undergoes a special coating process as we call it “GRANDEUR GLAZE” which gives it a long lasting shine, tarnish proof and Water Proof coating.


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