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How does Jewellery help you enhance your look?

Dressing up for an event?

Well, your outfit looks perfect!

But hey, aren't you forgetting something? What about that extra element to help you stand out from the crowd?

Yes, your Jewellery!

➢ How does Jewellery help you enhance your look?

Jewellery might be the smallest element for your look but it speaks volumes about your

personality. It adds textural variety to your plain looks and introduces accent colors to your

simple appearance.

You’ll be surprised to know that adding jewellery to your look draws attention to your best

features and highlights them. Not only that, it can establish your image the way you want.

❖ Here’s how Jewellery helps you enhance your face shape:

● Button earrings help in emphasizing the width of a face.

● Pendants can give prominence to shorter necks and make them look longer.

● If you have an oval face, triangular earrings will bring out your cheekbones.

● Wearing long earrings and leaving the neck free can bring focus to your face & make

you look simply stylish.

Pairing chunky jewellery with basic tops & jeans can accentuate the look making it one of a

kind. With that, adding some gold jewellery to your professional look portrays elegance and

completes the look.

Isn’t that amazing? This is what we can call magic. It is an outcome of adding the right

amount of components required to frame a look.

Today, many jewellery designers are experimenting with various styles and creating

collections that redefine the concept of jewellery. These fresh creations are enabling us to

get experimental and match them with our lifestyle and clothing.

➢ So, how do you circle down to the options that suit you?

If you’re somebody who enjoys wearing sportive and casual attires but is perplexed as to

which jewellery to go for? Your answer is; beads, heavy stones, handcrafted metal jewellery,

& polished stones go well with casual wear. It balances out one another’s characteristics and

gives you a finished chic look.

If you lean more towards feminine fashion, then you can go for delicate pieces of jewellery

like cameos, tiny beads, soft shining pearls, etc. To play with it a little, you can select

Chinese cloisonne and South Sea Shells. However, choose subtle colours for the jewels like

Indian Turquoise and Mexican Silver.

These were just two examples of how a single piece of jewellery can be a valuable addition

to the entire look. It is that remaining, last piece of a jigsaw puzzle; when added, the puzzle

looks complete and now has our complete attention.

Now onwards, while selecting an outfit, do not forget to add accessories to the list.

You will immediately see how a small element adds so much importance to your personality.

You will notice this only when you look in the mirror. And you'll see a confident woman who

knows what she’s wearing, why she’s wearing it.

At the end of the day, you deserve to feel beautiful and to realize what you can be!

About Author-

Komal Marathe is an image consultant and style coach. A few years ago, I founded "The Style Infusion" , a blog about fashion and personal style. Eventually I got certified as an Image Consultant to help women create styles that make them feel confident, happy & unique.

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